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For all who use only one hand to change our gears :)

How much oil comes out after changing? (5 posts)

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  • Profile picture of Harry Harry said 9 years ago ago:

    I noticed that the first time I changed the oil, only a little bit came ou, at least less than the amount of cleaning oil I had put in.
    Does this mean it had run completely dry, or that Rohloff does not fill them in the factory?

    Note that i had zero problems with them.

    The 2nd time I changed, I got much more out, so if they were leaking/sweating, then not much…

  • Profile picture of innisfree innisfree said 9 years ago ago:

    This is interesting as i have not come to my first oil change yet, so i will take note of it.

    How is your gear cable wearing, i was wondering wether it is worth taking a spare on tour.

  • Profile picture of Harry Harry said 9 years ago ago:

    The cable is still perfect as far as I can see (after 15 months/12,000km and millions of gear changes :) )
    From what I have read on other forums it will depend a bit on the bike model and how the cable ‘enters’ the Rohloff.
    Santos has doen a great job as the cable is not bent, I think on some less dedicated frames (not specifically designed for teh Rohloff and cables) this might be a problem.

    Just in case I tore out the pages from the manual as it seems to be quite a precise jog to replace it, depending where it broke of course.
    How many km/miles has yours worked so far?

  • Profile picture of innisfree innisfree said 9 years ago ago:

    Mine’s still quite new it’s only done 2500km, the bike is made for a rohloff ex box.

  • Profile picture of Harry Harry said 8 years, 8 months ago ago:

    Santos sent us some new oil, all the way to venezuela. Just changed it again, after 15,400km :) Also changed the rear and front sprockets. Actualy they were not really worn out, which is amazing after this distance.

    It makes such a difference that the chain never moves… I did lighten the gears a bit to protect our knees: from 42/17 (Ivana) and 42/16 (me) now we both have 38/16, grandma gears!

    Anyway, this stime again one bike (Ivana’s) had less oil than teh other, seems that there is some leaking/sweating going on, but nothing that stops the Rohloff from working as far as I can see. I have changed the wheels, so now I am using the ‘leaking’ Rohloff, let’s see if it makes any difference.

    We did change the oil only after 6000km though, but the 1000km extra should not make much difference according to the bike-dealers.

    We still love them. Anybody having any problems with Rohloff?”