Of course it is very nice to have your own free Coolname.BikeTravellers.com blog, but maybe you already had a shorter or more descriptive domain name, like http://WorldOnaBike.com.

Good news! We have enabled the possibility to add your own domain now.

This means you can still register a free blog, like coolname.biketravellers.com but the URL (the part you see in the address bar of your browser) could be coolname.com or any other domain you would like to use (so you can loose the nice but interesting ‘biketravellers’ part).

Harry uses free WiFi to update his blog WorldOnaBike.com, from Alaska to Ushuaia on a bicycle.

The example above (http://WorldOnaBike.com), works like that: the original blog address was http://harry.biketravellers.com, but WorldOnaBike.com was easier to share and to remember! Note that the original address still works, it will redirect automatically, so you do not have to worry if your old address is already ‘out there’.

There are a few things you need to do in order to use this service:

  1. Of course, first register a free blog, like coolname.biketravellers.com
  2. Register any domain at any of the main registrars, for example from Dotster.com or GoDaddy.com or Networksolutions.com in the USA or 123-reg – the UK’s No. 1.. This can be any .com. net .nl or whatever domain.
  3. Once your registration More >