You might have noticed a few changes already 🙂

After some testing, we have added the community features to What does this mean for you and your blog?

Your blog is still the same (, so nothing changes there. You might only notice a new adminstration bar on top, with links to your new profile, your blogs and more. Check it out!

  • On the new homepage a lot has changed: you can now see the latest posts of all bikebloggers, the latest comments and much more.
  • There are now links to lists of blogs, users, forums and more, check out the menu above.
  • You can become ‘friends’ with other biketravellers, and can send private instant messages, write on their ‘wire’ (like the Facebook ‘wall’) and much more
  • We have added forums and groups, so you can discuss with other users about specific subjects. You can add as many groups and forums as you want!
  • You can even add a groupblog to your group, where all members can post.
  • You can add Avatars/logos to your profile, groups, forums etc, all with just a few clicks.

More features will be added and I have not even described the current ones here, so check out the new, your profile and More >