One million riders to rally across the nation and give away one million new and used bicycles.

(Portland, OR) The cycling equivalent of Woodstock is coming…  but instead of joining rock fans on a muddy farm, one million cyclists and supporters  of clean, oil independent transportation will gather for celebrations and purpose filled action in 50 states for upwards of 300 rallies. More remarkable, all of these unified, localized events will roll out on the same day.

Dubbed One Million Bicycles,  it’s the brainchild of  Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie, a nationally recognized magazine columnist (Men’s Journal, Outside, Bicycling), author of several best-selling bike books, cycling advocate and performer at hundreds of bike clubs, festival and corporate events across the country.

Inspired by U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s call for a “national bike movement” during a speech at Bike Gallery in January, Kurmaskie decided to think big while keeping a small carbon footprint.

“Ideas come to me all the time,” Kurmaskie noted. “But inspired, audacious ones that actually have the potential to impact legislation and healthcare, oil dependency and global warming, all while creating one million new and returning riders, not to mention giving anyone on a bike safer passage and a voice regarding upcoming More >