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Currently on a bike trip? Share your stories and advice here..

  • Thumbnail I feel like I’m lost – I’m standing there looking at the pile of rubbish scattered around my feet and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. This home improvement learning curve is steep. Now I know what others feel like when they are just starting out on a bike tour. We finally closed on […]

  • anna wrote a new blog post hmmm, costa rica… in the group On the road: 11 years, 1 month ago

    Well, I have tried to like Costa Rica but it’s a small country – as I’m sure I have already mentioned – and most of it is in the hands of Americans, so, the good news is that my bank card has finally arrived at the Liberia Post Office and once I back track, by bus, to pick […]

  • Thumbnail I’ve been having so much fun reading through various bloggers’ 7 Links posts, I’ve had a hard time staying focused to find my own. What’s this about, you ask? It’s about digging back through your blog and finding seven buried posts that deserve to see the light of day again. So – without further ado, I present […]

  • hanna wrote a new blog post Sacred valley tour(ist) in the group On the road: 11 years, 1 month ago

    I am finally in Cuzco, the archeological capital of the continent and a cultural heritage of the world. While cycling into the ancient civilizations of Peru I have also reached a modern infrastructure of tourism. Tourist towns are not the most charming ones, but they are very comfortable and convenient. In the narrow alleyways I find […]

  • Äntligen är jag i Cuzco, kontinentens arkeologicentrum och en av världens kulturarv. Samtidigt som jag har cyklat in i de antika civilisationernas Peru så har jag även nått en infrastruktur för nutidens turister. Turistorter kanske inte är speciellt charmiga, men de är väldigt bekväma och behändiga. I de smala gränderna med kullerstensgator finns det nämligen restauranger […]

  • Thumbnail If I’ve learned anything from pedaling thousands of miles around the globe, it’s that sometimes the unreasonable actually makes sense. A few years ago if you had asked me if it made sense to fly back to the USA in order to pick up a bicycle wheel, my response would have been along the lines of: Do fish […]

  • Thumbnail How does one go about making the decision to drop out of everything that’s expected to go ride bicycles around the world? How is it possible for two middle-aged school teachers to take off for a year or four? In the end, the answer comes back to priorities. We will make time and money for the things that […]

  • ThumbnailSoñamos con el Pirineo desde hace meses. Bueno, en realidad, desde hace años. Ir de punta a punta, del Mediterráneo al Cantábrico, con nuestras bicis y nuestras alforjas, con el equipo de acampada a cuestas, avanzando poco a poco por una nueva ruta que nos permita ir lo más cerca posible de las cimas del Pirineo. […]

  • Thumbnail Depending on what you want, it may be just fine to allow the wind to blow you where it will. If you want something specific, however, you need to define your destination and know what it will look like when you get there. When my family set off from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on our bikes, our destination was […]

  • Thumbnail I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about our journey from Alaska to Argentina. I’ve thought about the many, many hours we spent on the road.  I’ve thought about all the experiences we had, the people we met, the lessons we learned.  We learned a lot on this journey of ours. We learned plenty of “school” things.  […]

  • ThumbnailWhen I set off from Medellín, I realized that my bike was starting to fall apart. My tubes easily cracked in the heat and I couldn’t find 28” tubes with thin racing valve stems in Colombia. The cassette was loose, the handlebar was loose and some attachment at the front-wheel was also loose. And the chain […]

  • nancy wrote a new blog post What we’ve been up to in the group On the road: 11 years, 1 month ago

    Thumbnail Those of you who have followed us on Facebook or Twitter will know that we’ve just finished a wild road trip – by car. In the past few weeks I’ve driven something like 2500 miles and flown a thousand or so more. It’s been a whirlwind. It’s also shown me a couple things – namely that I don’t […]

  • I am on the dirt roads between Huancayo and Cuzco. They take me over passes that are mountain high and down valleys that are river deep. I can struggle up to a place where the snow is falling and rattle my way down to desert heat on the same day. The climate contrasts are amazing and […]

  • I am on the dirt roads between Huancayo and Cuzco. They take me over passes that are mountain high and down valleys that are river deep. I can struggle up to a place where the snow is falling and rattle my way down to desert heat on the same day. The climate contrasts are amazing and […]

  • hanna wrote a new blog post In i dammet, in i Peru in the group On the road: 11 years, 1 month ago

    Jag är ute på grusvägar mellan Huancayo och Cuzco. De leder mig över höga bergspass och ner i djupa dalar. På förmiddagen kan jag kämpa mig högt upp där snön faller och på eftermiddagen kan jag skaka mig ner i ett hett ökenlandskap. Klimatkontrasterna är otroliga och det är även landskapet. Dessvärre behöver jag mest hålla […]

  • I’m stuck in Costa Rica waiting for my new bank card to arrive. Sadly, it’s a small country and not one I’m particularly interested in. However, I can definitively report at this point in time that if you cook for yourself and camp it is not an expensive place to visit. A pineapple, a butternut squash, a […]

  • Thumbnail We’ve spent the past few days learning about war. It’s ugly. Horrific. Awful.  Certainly not the glamorized view of war we generally see in the movies. As we drove north from Atlanta toward Connecticut, we stopped at numerous Civil War battlefields to learn about that aspect of our nation’s history. Today we spent the entire day wandering around […]

  • Sergio F. Tolosa wrote a new blog post Otros tiempos in the group On the road: 11 years, 1 month ago

    ThumbnailEn agosto de 2008 (ya hace casi 3 años!!!) subimos al Aneto Miguel, Marc y yo . Unos 10 días antes había salido de la playa de El Fangar, en el Delta del Ebro, con la bicicleta y el remolque lleno de ropa de montaña. Al llegar al Valle de Benasque, en casa de Miguel pasé horas y […]

  • Thumbnail¿Que cómo nos preparamos para la Transpirenaica de este verano? Muy fácil: tumbona, sombrilla, protector solar, un libro, una neverita con refrescos… Los grandes del ciclismo, el triatlón y el alpinismo, todos los manuales de entrenamiento y el saber popular en general y el sentido común en particular se decantarían por el entrenamiento en altura. Nosotros, en […]

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    • ThumbnailThis is La Ponderosa. Not only my main transportation vehicle but also my house. Well, sort of . When traveling, effectively becomes my home, but when I stay at a place like Barcelona, ​​for example, living and […]

    • Thumbnail This guy, Daniel Orenes , just started his Round the World bicycle trip in southern Spain. He’s coping with a very complicated weather condition but overall he seems OK. It is challenging to me following this event from my comfort zone here in Madrid, excusing myself that winter isn’t the best time to travel. Maybe I’m right […]

    • Thumbnail    The following is part of Marlene Adam’s (a writer from Vancouver, Canada) blog entry on one of my former blog project.    …   There’s something masochistic about a divorced couple voluntarily agreeing to travel indefinitely together, especially after not having seen each other for two or three years. And even more foolhardy after having already […]

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