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    Hey, I just started my blog, BikeForBooks. I just finished a 600 mile tour from New Orleans to Austin, Tx, and am eager to start my next, a charity ride from VA to Astoria, OR, along the Trans-Am route. I'm interested in connecting with folks who have done this route, or live along…

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    I know your trip was a while ago, but I just had to comment and commiserate! I just rode the 600 miles from New Orleans to Austin, passing through all these same towns. The roads going West were just as bad, and sound like they haven’t improved in the last year or two! […]

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    Dear Friends, Family, and Allies,
    I have been a volunteer with the DC Area Books To Prisons Project for more than four years and over that time have made lifelong friends, both with fellow volunteers and with prisoners around the country.  Since our founding in 1999 we have sent tens of thousands of free books directly […]

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