Last week, I received the following question by email:

I’m starting a solo trip in May from Alaska to Argentina.  I’m using this trip not only for my own desires, but to raise awareness and funds for an organization that aims at putting an end to factory farming and animal abuse in said farms.

I’m only at the beginning stages of preparation at this point.  I noticed you have obtained sponsors for your trip.  This is something I’m very interested in, as I have very limited resources and can use all the help I can get.  I’m here to ask you for advice on how to obtain sponsorship.  If you could give me some help as to how you went about getting sponsors, it would be greatly appreciated.

I replied the following, which might be helpful for others:

Thanks for your email. Great you are going to do it. I am not sure if you already have a blog, but you can open one for free at About the Sponsoring: do not get your hopes up too high. Basically I got sponsored, because I am already a well-known (published) writer, climber and photographer. Still many, many more said no and financial support is More >