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About was created by Harry Kikstra (from for two main reasons:

  1. He wants to promote bicycling and biketravelling to a larger audience and show that it can be quite easy and a lot of fun to use your car less or not at all.
  2. He needed a new place to document his own upcoming and past bicycle trips

So here it is! It has only just started, but soon the site will grow bigger with all information biketravellers need and of course many stories from the road, so you can also enjoy it even if you are (currently) not able to use your bike for short or longer trips. You can always get inspired!

The main part of is the free blogs we offer: You can sign up for a free blog, just choose any name and either go to the sign-up page or just type in in the address bar and if the name is free, you will be offered to sign up for it! It is as easy as that and you can have as many blogs as you like.

The blogs are based on the popular WordPress weblogging platform, and it is very easy to post stories, write about yourself, attach your More >