Ok, you have made the selection and chose your 2-3 shirts for the road. But why those ones? Because they make you look cool/young/sexy or all of the above? Because they are (not) cotton and lightweight?

As a BikeTraveller you need to combine functionality as much as possible, so you can minimize the stuff you are carrying. So what better way to be dressed and get attention from potential hosts than get a specialized BikeTravellers t-shirt!

They are not just pretty (you can still customize them and choose the colour, size, fabric, quality), but will also help you, as the message is clear:

– “Will Stop/Talks for Pasta” will tell others that the beter have a big portion ready if they want you to talk about your adventures!

– “Make Miles not War”, “1500 MPG (and that’s just for my stove)” & Reall? (gas prices went up again?) will tell everybody, how you think & feel about SUV’s and other gas guzzlers!. Spread the word and help yourself start some good conversations and likely get invited to stay for dinner 🙂

In this little flash panel below, you can see a sample of our new BikeTravellers T-shirts. They are not just beautiful (you can still choose More >