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Cheap cycling gear

Online outdoor gear stores & special deals & discount coupons for cyclists.

Update: In addition to the special offers and deals from the great and trustworthy online outdoor stores below, there is now also a special online shop for BikeTravellers! Shop at for the best brands in the outdoor industry. Check their latest deals out here:

Dear fellow adventurers, for a good and safe cycle trip (or hike/climb) you need good gear. We recommend that you support your local Outdoor Shop if possible, especially if you need advice, fitting etc. But not all have an Outdoor Store near or they overprice their items.

Unfortunately, good gear often means expensive gear and cyclists are not known for their fat wallet 😉 Most people do not realize that the biggest online Outdoor Shops often have cycling departments (and most outdoor gear can be used on a biketrip anyway) and offer big discounts on brand names as The North Face, Marmot, MSR, Patagonia, Arcteryx and many more. Some items and discounts are seasonal and the best deals change constantly.

Instead of searching the web for the best stores and clicking on advertisements for deals, just check this page, we use it ourselves We have More >


T-shirts for Bike Travellers!

In this little flash panel on the right, you can see a sample of our new T-shirts. They are not just beautiful (you can still choose the size, colour and type of T-shirt etc), but they will also help you on the road: the designs and texts on them are irresistible for people around you :)! Check them out here and get or customize your Biketravellers T-shirts here!.

Bike wear and gear deals for BikeTravellers

Rather have some well-known cycling brands but not for the full price? Good, as we just added this: here are some current deals on cycling gear and clothing, all 30% off or more: (Mouseover for more details and click the ‘next’ & ‘prev’ buttons above to quickly see more offers!).

Show your love for The Bike!

The designs at the bottom of the page can be printed on T-shirts in many colours, sizes and models, as well as on mugs, stickers, baby-gear, bags and much more! Choose your design and get the gear to show the world that you care about her! By buying here you will also support the BikeTravellers website, so you do two good things at once

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Some current cycling gear deals:­­­­

Whether you are looking for books to plan your trip, a cyclocomputer to measure your distance or just a T-shirt or a bumper sticker to show that you are a cyclist, you can find it here on We have found the best cycle gear, books and much more so start shopping on our shop pages: